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Forest Folly

A hilarious dive into online dating.


Evan Shaub and Kevin Dix’s satirical animation, voiced with brilliance by Sam Brody and Kevin Dix, offers a witty and adult-themed exploration of the intricacies of online dating. In this unconventional tale, a Sasquatch and an owl engage in a rib-tickling conversation about their dating escapades, creating a comical masterpiece that will leave viewers in stitches.

The genius behind this animation lies in its witty, pun-filled dialogue and eccentric characters. Brody and Dix deliver a comedic performance that is nothing short of genius, infusing life into their quirky roles. Their impeccable delivery ensures that every punchline hits the mark, eliciting genuine laughter.

Andy Karstetter’s 2D animation adds a visually captivating layer to the narrative, enhancing the overall surreal and comical tone. The animation’s adult humor is cleverly crafted, appealing to a mature audience with its sharp wit and clever wordplay.

‘Forest Folly’ is a riotous ride from start to finish. Its ability to balance humor and satire creates a delightful viewing experience. This short film is a testament to the creators’ comedic prowess, offering a laughter-filled escape into the whimsical world of online dating. Prepare to be entertained, amused, and thoroughly charmed by this animated gem.

Forest Folly Short Comedy


Runtime: 4 min
Genre: ,

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