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In the Hands of: Depression

A poignant drama that explores a man’s struggle with depression.


Written and directed by Adrian/Kai Judele/Rhodes, ‘In the Hands of: Depression’ is a short drama film that delves into mental health, depression and suicide. Starring Adrian/Kai Judele/Rhodes, the short poignantly explores a man’s daily anguish as he battles his way through life. The film acts as a salient reminder for sufferers to seek support and hold on to hope. A harrowing watch from start to finish.

The 7-minute film opens with our protagonist in solitude. A character narration is provided throughout, allowing the audience to understand his pain. He speaks about his loss of pleasure, feeling imprisoned in his dark thoughts and discusses his own mortality. Despite the character’s self-destruction and his never-ending cycle of misery, his thoughts about suicide are far from execution as hope still lingers amongst the pain.

‘In the Hands of: Depression’ is a film that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the ugly face of depression. A deeply personal film by the filmmaker, which deserves high praise. A powerful watch throughout. The low-budget film is shot with neat cinematography, sound and post production – a commendable effort. Acting delivery is gripping to watch, albeit a ride of melancholy. The film concludes with a compelling message of hope and encouragement. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 7 min

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