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Un’altra Storia

A riveting anthology of complex human relationships.


Dario Piana’s Italian-language drama film unfolds as a mesmerizing three-part anthology set within the bustling ambiance of a restaurant. Valeria Golino, in a compelling portrayal, takes on the role of The Listener – a woman keenly observing the intricate dynamics of the characters before her eyes.

The ensemble cast, featuring Valeria Solarino, Andrea Lattanzi, Sergio Leone, Salvatore Palombi, Manuela Parodi, and Erika Urban, delivers captivating performances, breathing life into characters embroiled in complex relationships. The anthology comprises tales of fractured family bonds, aspirations, and hidden betrayals, each narrative laden with intense and riveting dialogue exchanges, made accessible through English subtitles.

Cinematographer Stefano Morcaldo’s artistry elevates the film’s technicality, imbuing every frame with cinematic brilliance. The production design, stylish and sophisticated, complements the narratives seamlessly.

This is an unmissable cinematic experience, leaving audiences immersed in the depths of human emotions. Piana masterfully captures nuanced moments, hinting at profound stories yet to be fully explored – a testament to the film’s potential as a precursor to a larger feature-length production. The anthology’s ability to evoke curiosity and contemplation makes it a must-watch, inviting viewers into a world of endless possibilities and rich storytelling.

Un'altra Storia


Runtime: 15 min

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