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An eerie paranormal thriller drenched in nostalgia.


Claire Qute’s directorial prowess shines in her chilling thriller, where the seemingly idyllic suburbia conceals a sinister paranormal secret. Qute herself embodies the central character, Charlotte, delivering a compelling performance that captures the essence of vulnerability and fear amid her family’s unsettling relocation.

Nostalgia weaves through the narrative, adding depth to the storyline, and Qute masterfully balances this theme without divulging too much, ensuring the revelation packs a powerful punch. Tonjha Richardson’s portrayal of Nancy, the beloved old neighbor, is a standout performance, imbuing the film with haunting suspense and emotional weight.

Qute’s direction evokes a myriad of emotions, ranging from touching to eerie, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. The entire cast delivers strong performances, enhancing the film’s overall impact. Tessefa Francis’s cinematography is a visual delight, offering a highly cinematic experience, expertly framed and composed.

In this spine-tingling tale, Qute crafts an atmospheric thriller that grips audiences from start to finish. With its compelling narrative, stellar performances, and meticulous cinematography, the film immerses viewers in a haunting world of suspense and mystery. ‘Stained’ stands as a testament to Qute’s storytelling prowess, leaving an indelible mark as a must-watch thriller.



Runtime: 16 min
Genre: ,

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