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Thick as Thieves

A hilariously twisted comedy of relationship quirks.


In Sam Fichtner’s uproarious comedy, the art of relationship dynamics takes a hilariously unexpected turn. Revell Carpenter shines as Rose, and Luke Lenza delivers a delightful performance as Gary, portraying a couple in the nascent stages of their relationship. The story unfolds at a lavish house party hosted by one of Gary’s affluent friends, where Rose, much to Gary’s astonishment, starts pilfering items without a shred of remorse.

‘Thick as Thieves’ is a rollercoaster of laughter, expertly blending comedy and surprise. The film’s brilliance lies in its impeccable comedic timing and a plot twist that’s guaranteed to leave you in stitches. Without giving away the delightful surprise, the film brilliantly navigates the fine line between shock and laughter, resulting in a memorable viewing experience.

The chemistry between Carpenter and Lenza is palpable, their dialogue delivery and comedic timing keeping the narrative seamlessly engaging. Ryan Thomas’ cinematography adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the film’s overall visual appeal.

‘Thick as Thieves’ is a witty exploration of quirks within relationships. Fichtner’s direction, coupled with outstanding performances and a surprising plot twist, makes this film a brilliant, must-watch gem. Be prepared for laughs that will echo long after the credits roll; it’s a comedy that truly delivers and keeps you eagerly anticipating the next uproarious moment.

Thick as Thieves


Runtime: 12 min
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