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Con Artist

A cinematic marvel that delves into female empowerment and the dramatic world of freeskiing.


Griffin Glendinning’s experimental marvel with the Milk Box Girls, starring the talented trio Addison Rafford, Ella Meade, and Josie Petersen, elevates freeskiing into an empowering narrative of female strength and determination. Set against breathtaking natural backdrops juxtaposed with urban landscapes, the film captures the essence of female empowerment in the world of extreme sports.

The fusion of dramatic visuals and a compelling plot not only showcases the athletes’ passion for freeskiing but also delves into their journey of bringing this exhilarating craft to the mainstream. Glendinning’s film becomes a thrilling tale of resilience and determination, inspiring young women to break barriers and pursue their dreams fearlessly.

The cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking, with a masterful blend of frame rates creating a visually stunning experience. The contrast between the serene slopes and the urban settings adds depth to the storytelling, making every frame captivating. Glendinning’s keen eye for cinematic artistry is evident, turning this short film into a cinematic masterpiece that oozes high-level skill and creativity.

In essence, this film is not just about skiing; it’s a celebration of female empowerment, skillfully captured in a stylish and compelling cinematic fashion. A must-watch that uplifts, inspires, and resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impression on its viewers.

Con Artist Short Film


Runtime: 12 min

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