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Billy the Kid

A visual triumph in the Wild West.


Carlo Morand’s gripping western, brilliantly directed by Manuel Meng, unfolds a tale of vengeance in the unforgiving wild west. Starring Leona Sager, Lucien Unterrassner, and Michael Hämmerli, with a compelling appearance by Merlin Studer as the menacing antagonist, the film weaves a riveting story without a single line of dialogue.

The absence of spoken words enhances the film’s audacious nature, making it a visually striking and ambitious venture. Despite its low-budget origins, the production team excels in cinematography, production, and costume design, meticulously capturing the essence of the era. The setting is intricately staged, immersing viewers in the atmospheric drama that unfolds.

The actors’ performances are commendable throughout, communicating a range of emotions solely through expressions and actions. The film’s only minor drawback lies in the lack of backstory, leaving viewers curious about the protagonists’ past affiliations with the antagonist (without reading the synopsis first).

In essence, ‘Billy the Kid’ is a great achievement in storytelling without words. Its visual prowess, coupled with compelling acting, creates an immersive experience, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. Despite its silence, the film speaks volumes, showcasing the power of cinematic artistry and storytelling.

Billy the Kid Short Western Film


Runtime: 5 min
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