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Double Zero

A tense thriller that explores revenge and betrayal.


Written and directed by Pat Bradley, ‘Double Zero’ is a short thriller film that follows two female accomplices after failing a job for a ferocious criminal. Caroline Anderson leads the cast as Olivia, with Vivian Belosky as Diana. Jamie Ragusa co-stars as Alvara, the criminal mastermind seeking revenge. The film explores themes of female empowerment and betrayal. Viewers can expect a gripping ride of suspense from the get-go.

The 20-minute film opens with Olivia and Diana debating their next move – retaliate against Alvara and her regime, or escape with her money. After a phone call from Ray (Casey Sullivan), a loyal aid to Alvara, it becomes apparent they are being tracked. Olivia and Diana reluctantly hand themselves over for interrogation and a wild game of Russian Roulette. A captivating watch throughout.

Pat Bradley has created an enthralling narrative that utilizes high drama and suspense to keep viewers engaged. The entire cast deliver exceptional performances throughout the short, notably Jamie Ragusa (Alvara). A terrific ensemble that bounces well off each other. Under Bradley’s direction, the film is well constructed with outstanding cinematography, sound and post-production. The audience can anticipate a high-quality cinematic experience. A tense thriller that won’t disappoint. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 20 min
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