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Oscar’s Vivid Nightmare

A horror that relies solely on suspense.


Written and directed by Cesar G Rendon, ‘Oscar’s Vivid Nightmare’ is a low-budget horror film starring Oscar Gutierrez. The film takes viewers on an unfulfilling ride of suspense, with a weak climatic conclusion. The short follows Oscar as he wakes up in his friend’s apartment after a frightening physical altercation. Despite utilizing spine-chilling lighting, the production value is disappointing – which may lose audience engagement.

The lengthy 17-minute horror opens with Oscar sleeping on the sofa. Upon waking up, Oscar calls out for his friend, Cesar, which goes unheard. He scours the entire apartment looking for him, subsequently coming across locked doors. Later, he is attacked by a mysterious intruder. The film lacks a riveting narrative that can sustain viewers for 17 minutes. – an uneventful plotline that should be cut down to 2 minutes.

Oscar Gutierrez delivers an unimaginative performance as the protagonist. A cringeworthy watch from start-to-finish. The production value is of an amateur standard, with shoddy cinematography, sound and editing. The narrative lacks a gripping plotline with non-existent characterization. Given this is a first-time production, from a youth filmmaker, we applaud the creative effort. We look forward to seeing Cesar’s work advance in the future. Unfortunately, this film doesn’t quite cut it.

Oscar Short Film


Runtime: 17 min
Genre: ,

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