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The Priest

A drama that explores a sinful religious confession.


Written and directed by Riley Daniel Gaboury, ‘The Priest’ is a short drama film that explores a case of a missing girl. Harsh Hundal leads the cast as Father Byrne, a local priest who takes confession from the perpetrator. The film delves into the priests’ inner conflict with his religious duty and acting honorably for the sake of the victim’s mother. The short is filmed entirely in black and white.

The 21-minute film opens outside the church, where Father Byrne greets William Ross (Oliver Posada). During confession, William admits to the murder of Grace, a local girl who has been missing for a month. In disbelief, Father Byrne rejects his confession and asks him to leave. Whilst providing spiritual comfort to Grace’s mother, the priest battles with his conscious to find out the truth and bring about closure, despite going against his religious duty.

Riley Daniel Gaboury has delivered a captivating drama that explores morality and ethics. Harsh Hundal portrays a fine performance as Father Byrne. Oliver Posada’s portrayal as William is chilling from the offset, but equally commendable. Cinematography, sound and post-production is of an exceptional standard from start-to-finish. Production and costume design are highly praiseworthy. Viewers will be enthralled by the intriguing narrative. A gripping watch. Highly recommended.

The Priest Short Film


Runtime: 22 min
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