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A visual experimental film about memory.


Written and directed by Evie Martini, ‘Mnemosyne’ is a short experimental film that follows a non-linear narrative and constructed of fleeting imagery. The title comes from the Greek goddess of memory and mother of the Muses by Zues. The partially animated film sets out to convey the power of memories and our ability to ameliorate the present. A heavily stimulating film with a bewildering visual narrative.

The 3-minute short opens with a series of obscure imagery. Deliberately unfocused, and set to a chilling soundtrack, the film symbolizes the Moth throughout – a flying insect known to remember its early caterpillar existence. It’s unfortunately unclear what the film is trying to convey from start-to-finish, perhaps indented for viewer interpretation.

Evie Martini’s short film might just fail to captivate or engage a mainstream audience. It’s mystifying plot and lack of a narrative structure, means it’s best appreciated by those engrossed in experimental visual artistry. The film makes use of multiple filter effects to reconstruct live-action video into a dreamy aesthetic. Delivered with a gentle musical ambience throughout, ‘Mnemosyne’ is a short film produced for a distinct niche audience.

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Runtime: 3 min

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