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An action-packed drama that explores retribution.


Directed by Jose Quinones, from a script by Jason Walter Vaile, ‘Jade’ is a short action drama that explores a daughter’s retribution against the gang that killed her father. Jade Napier leads the cast as Jade, a promising young martial artist. Bryan Chatlien co-stars as her father, with Patrick McAllister as her unlikely protector. ‘Jade’ is an action-packed short with noteworthy fight choreography – a gripping watch from the get go.

The 10-minute film opens with Jade receiving martial arts training from her father. Whilst Jade takes a snack break, a gang confront her father in search for a mysterious staff the rewards the beholder internal life. Jade returns to find her dad in a pool of blood. One year later, Jade forms a father/daughter bond with an intoxicated homeless man – who was her fathers first student. The film follows their quest to bring down the men responsible for her father’s death.

Jade Napier delivers an outstanding performance that is highly commendable for her age. Patrick McAllister’s portrayal is highly captivating – bringing eccentricity and comic relief. Despite the film exploring themes of grief, revenge and family, the film also dips into female empowerment and rooting for the underdog. Visually, cinematography is of a professional standard – wrapped up with high quality sound, editing and special effects. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 10 min
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