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The Lines In Their Faces

An experimental tale that follows the personal woes of several late-night diners at a cafe.


Waide Riddle’s experimental film takes audiences into the conversations of various diners in a West Hollywood cafe, creating a unique and intriguing experience. Sean Patrick Irvin leads the ensemble cast as a lone composer, capturing the essence of a character who overhears the chit-chat while scoring sheet music.

The film boasts an ensemble cast, including Troy Mittleider, Maggie Wagner, David Lockhart, Camille Montgomery, Gary Hudson O’Brien, Joao Bounassar, and Diana Cotero. Their discussions revolve around relationship dramas and career rejection, effectively reflecting the superficiality often associated with the Hollywood setting.

Anthony Pietromonaco’s cinematography is a standout element of the film, skillfully navigating between characters and capturing their emotions and interactions flawlessly. The camera work enhances the storytelling and creates a visually engaging experience for viewers.

While the narrative could benefit from further exploration, the film manages to tie up its loose ends well, leaving audiences with a sense of intrigue and light entertainment. The minor background sound issues, likely due to the production being set in a live environment, do not significantly detract from the overall commendable result.

In conclusion, Waide Riddle’s experimental film offers a unique perspective on the conversations and dynamics of diners in a cafe. With strong performances, well-crafted cinematography, and a touch of intrigue, this short film provides an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience for audiences.

The Lines in Their Faces Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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