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What Fruit Would You Be?

A witty, albeit endearing dramedy about career choices.


Collin Stauffer’s endearing comedy film is a relatable and heart-warming exploration of the struggles faced by young individuals in finding their career path. Centered around a young man, played brilliantly by Tracy Kerr, who becomes overwhelmed by the pressure of choosing a vocation after a peculiar internship interview, the film strikes a chord with school-leavers who find themselves grappling with similar uncertainties.

With the talented co-stars Malena Ramirez and Zack Renda, the film effectively captures the anxiety and indecision that many young people experience when faced with the daunting task of settling on a life-calling. The script, written by Kerr himself, is a delightful blend of endearing, witty, and eccentric moments that draw viewers into the anxious world of the protagonist.

One of the film’s strengths lies in its ability to deliver humor while conveying a thoughtful message. The film encourages viewers to embrace the uncertainty and trust that the right path will reveal itself. This inspiring theme is explored with a delicate touch, shedding light on the societal pressures placed on young people without sacrificing the comedic tone.

Tracy Kerr delivers a charming and relatable performance, capturing the inner conflicts and vulnerabilities of the character with authenticity and charisma. Matt Fiorentini’s cinematography is beautifully crafted, enhancing the storytelling and immersing viewers in the protagonist’s journey.

In conclusion, Collin Stauffer’s comedy film is a delightful and insightful piece of cinema that will resonate with audiences, particularly those who are navigating the overwhelming task of choosing a career. With its endearing characters, witty writing, and strong performances, this short film is a true gem that effortlessly balances humor and heart.

What Fruit Would You Be


Runtime: 9 min
Genre: ,

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