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An intimate insight into a skilled editor’s personal journey.


Ty Clark’s experimental short film is a deeply personal and daring exploration of the protagonist’s journey through abstinence/recovery from drug addiction and his craftsmanship in post-production editing. Portrayed by Clayton Christian Reece, the film delves into Clark’s own experiences, weaving together a narrative that is both captivating and raw.

One of the standout aspects of this film is its use of post-production editing as a central theme. Clark’s dedication to his craft is evident, and the film serves as a showcase of his adept editorial skills. It’s a unique approach that adds an additional layer of depth to the narrative.

The theme of isolation permeates throughout the film, adding a haunting and introspective tone. The absence of dialogue further emphasizes this sense of isolation, allowing viewers to connect with the protagonist on a deeper level.

Nick Buttram and Charles Elmore’s cinematography is of a cinematic standard, elevating the film and giving it a professional quality. The visuals are beautifully composed, complementing the poetic nature of the narrative.

Overall, Clark deserves applause for his courage in creating a film that is deeply personal to him. The dedication to his craft and the refreshing style in which he conveys his editorial skills make this short film a compelling and thought-provoking watch. It is an intimate exploration of addiction, recovery, and the power of self-expression through film.

Editor Short Film


Runtime: 3 min

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