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A gripping drama that explores drug addiction.


Written and directed by Jacob Harding, ‘Withdrawal’ is a short drama film that delves into one man’s struggle with drug addiction. Judah Fox leads the cast as Kyle, an aspiring actor whose career prospects and relationship is tested after a near-fatal overdose. Megan Grant co-stars as his suffering girlfriend, Lauren. Sam Harding completes the cast as his toxic flat-mate. ‘Withdrawal’ gives viewers an unflinching account of the trials of addiction. A captivating watch from start-to-finish.

The 24-minute film opens with Kyle and his girlfriend rehearsing a film script. Upon securing an audition for a role, his euphoria leads him to taking cocaine and heroin, under the influence of his roommate. The next morning, the day of the audition, Lauren discovers he has overdosed on the floor of his apartment. The narrative follows their conflict, his unhealthy friendship with his flat-mate, and his attempt to get clean.

Jacob Harding has delivered a gripping short that doesn’t shy away from exploring the complexity of addiction. The film explores our protagonists inner-demons, his abusive friendship, and his supportive girlfriend. Judah Fox’s portrayal as Kyle rewards audiences with an authentic reality of the secret life of an addict. The entire cast delivers exceptional performances throughout. Cinematography, lighting, sound and post-production are of a cinematic quality and highly commendable. A well-constructed short with an important message. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 25 min

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