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We Might Even Be Falling In Love

A bitter/sweet romance drama that delves into a young woman’s personal trauma.


Chontele Abney & Diseye Agedah’s short romance drama offers an intimate exploration of personal trauma through the eyes of young woman, beautifully portrayed by Anna Ramsey as Emma, and supported by Joshua Troupe as Nathan, her love interest. The 27-minute narrative unfolds as Emma reluctantly attends therapy sessions, hinting at an undisclosed trauma that plagues her. However, it is during a chance encounter at a local café that she meets Nathan, a young man who gradually breaks through her defences.

Ramsey delivers a captivating performance, skilfully conveying Emma’s initial coldness and gradual transformation as Nathan’s charm warms her heart. Troupe also shines in his role, portraying Nathan with depth and vulnerability. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable, creating a believable and endearing connection.

The film’s strength lies in its acting delivery and in-depth dialogue, which allows the characters to share their personal stories and connect on a deeper level. These moments of vulnerability and authenticity make the viewer empathize with their struggles and root for their blossoming relationship.

While the film’s runtime could benefit from some trimming to tighten the pacing, the production quality remains respectable throughout. The cinematography and production design effectively capture the emotional tone of the story, immersing the viewer in the characters’ world.

In conclusion, Abney and Agedah’s short romance drama is a sweet and heartfelt film that tackles personal trauma with sensitivity. Despite some long-winded scenes, the strength of the acting performances and the depth of the dialogue make this film an engaging and relatable watch.

We Might Even Be Falling in Love Short Film


Runtime: 27 min
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