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Transportation Alternatives

A short animation that illustrates a method to transform NYC’s city-wide congestion.


Under Ege Soyuer’s creative direction, Transportation Alternatives delivers a visually captivating and informative short film that sheds light on the inequities present on the streets of New York City. Through the use of data, the film effectively showcases the various challenges faced by city residents, including unsafe streets, faulty transit systems, and air pollution. The film’s main focus is to promote positive solutions and bring about positive change for all residents.

The 2D animation employed in this film is both visually appealing and highly effective in conveying the message. The attention to detail and seamless transitions between scenes make for a visually engaging experience. The animation serves as a powerful storytelling tool, effectively illustrating how the Spatial Equity NYC tool aids in identifying and addressing these problems.

The sound design and music further enhance the viewing experience, complementing the animation and reinforcing the film’s message. The combination of these elements creates a cohesive and immersive audio-visual experience.

Transportation Alternatives short film successfully highlights the importance of utilizing data to identify and address the inequities that exist within a city. By showcasing the impact of these inequities on residents and emphasizing the need for a cleaner, safer, and greener city, the film serves as a call to action.

Overall, this short film is an impressive and impactful piece that effectively communicates the message of Transportation Alternatives mission. It serves as a reminder of the power of data and the potential it holds to create positive change in urban environments.

Transportation Alternative Short FIlm


Runtime: 1 min

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