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I’ll Be Right Back

A short satire inspired by the paranormal movie genre.


Andrew Magee’s short horror film offers a refreshing and satirical take on the mainstream horror genre. With its low-budget production value, the film manages to create an engaging narrative that keeps viewers entertained.

Starring Jo West and Noah White, the film centers around two friends experiencing paranormal activity during a movie night in their apartment. While the production value may not be high, the film compensates with its clever and witty approach to storytelling.

The satirical tone of the film is its standout feature, as it pokes fun at the clichés and tropes commonly found in mainstream horror movies. The comical twist at the end of the narrative adds an extra layer of humor and strengthens the film’s satirical intent.

Despite the limitations of the low-budget production, the cinematography remains of reasonable standard throughout. Although it may not be visually stunning, the film effectively captures the essence of the horror genre, playing with lighting and camera angles to create an eerie atmosphere.

Overall, Andrew Magee’s short horror film successfully combines satire and humor to deliver an entertaining viewing experience. While the production value may not be high, the film’s comical twist and clever storytelling make it a worthwhile watch for fans of horror and those looking for a lighthearted take on the genre.

I'll Be Right Back Short Film


Runtime: 5 min

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