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Wish Hill

A poetic drama that delves into the hopes and desires of two adolescent brothers.


Aleah Marrow’s short drama/fantasy delves into the hopes and desires of two adolescent brothers in suburbia, beautifully portrayed by Kaelib Hayes and Dylan Smith. Through the lens of their adventure into the woods, Marrow explores themes of identity, mortality, and perspective, touching the emotional chords of viewers.

Josiah Jennings’s narration is nothing short of astonishing, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing delivery. His voice serves as the perfect guide through the film’s poetic narrative, sealing its success.

Hayes and Smith’s performances are endearing and filled with great chemistry, allowing viewers to effortlessly connect with the on-screen siblings. Their portrayals bring depth and authenticity to the characters, making their journey all the more compelling.

A standout aspect of the film is the cinematography by Alexander Rivera. The production quality is spectacular, capturing the essence of the poetic tone and narrative spirit. Rivera’s skillful work allures viewers into the world of the film, immersing them in its visually stunning landscapes.

In just a short film, Marrow manages to pack a powerful punch, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. With its exploration of universal themes and impeccable execution, this film is sure to leave viewers pondering their own hopes, desires, and perspectives long after the credits roll.

Wish Hill Short Film


Runtime: 8 min
Genre: ,

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