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Anatomía dunha serea

A compelling documentary that shines a light on the surgical procedure of episiotomy.


Adriana Páramo Pérez’s short documentary, which translates as “Anatomy of a Mermaid”, directed with great care and sensitivity, delves into the long-lasting childbirth experience of Iria Pinheiro. The film centers around the profound impact of an episiotomy, a common surgical procedure, performed on Pinheiro without her knowledge or consent. Through the intimate storytelling of Pinheiro herself, the audience is taken on a journey of her quest for justice, using a comical stage show as her platform.

The film’s title aptly captures the essence of Pinheiro’s life-altering affliction and the tragic circumstances she endured. It sheds light on the importance of consent and the fallacies surrounding surgical procedures, highlighting a little-known subject matter.

Despite its educational approach, the film is not without light-hearted moments. Pinheiro’s use of puppetry and mocking the surgical instruments during the labor delivery adds a touch of humor, providing a respite from the gravity of the subject matter.

Pérez and Pinheiro deserve high praise for their efforts in shining a spotlight on this often overlooked issue. The film’s production in the Galician language, along with the animation by Borja Santomé, further enhances the storytelling, immersing the viewer in Pinheiro’s world.

This documentary is a powerful and important film that raises awareness about the lack of consent surrounding medical procedures. Pérez’s direction, coupled with Pinheiro’s personal account and the film’s light-hearted moments, make it a compelling and thought-provoking watch.

Anatomía dunha serea Short Film


Runtime: 15 min

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