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Fr. Themi Adams – Greek Easter 2022

An experimental homage to Greek Bishop Themi Adams.


John Tsambazis’s experimental short film is an intriguing tribute to the enigmatic figure of Greek Bishop Themi Adams, with a unique mix of elements that both captivate and confuse. The film opens with an AI-crafted dialogue featuring none other than Mick Jagger, who fondly reminisces about Adams. This unexpected introduction sets the tone for the rest of the 12-minute piece, which incorporates various film and TV clippings, notably the adventurous 1963 film ‘Sammy Goes South’.

However, despite its promising premise, the film veers off unexpectedly, leaving viewers struggling to understand the connection to Bishop Adams. This lack of clarity unfortunately hinders viewer engagement, as the narrative becomes too loose and experimental. The overpowering music further distracts from any potential visual storytelling, making it even harder to follow.

To enhance the viewer’s experience, a voice-over narration could have been beneficial. Such guidance would have helped to provide a stronger structure to the film, preventing it from feeling disjointed and confusing. While the post-production work is adequate, it fails to compensate for the film’s lack of coherence.

Overall, John Tsambazis’s experimental short film pays homage to an intriguing subject but falls short in delivering a compelling narrative. With a clearer connection to Bishop Adams and a more balanced audio-visual experience, this film has the potential to engage viewers on a deeper level.



Runtime: 12 min

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