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I See You

A tense thriller about a woman and her stalker.


Written and directed by Kristen Desantis, with Corey Davis as co-director, ‘I See You’ is a short thriller film that explores a man’s disturbing surveillance on a young woman. Taylor Entrekin stars as The Woman, with Corey Davis as The Stalker. The low-budget production is filmed entirely without dialogue and explores themes of obsession, crime and infatuation. ‘I See You’ relies solely on suspense to captivate the audience. A chilling watch.

The 9-minute film opens with the young woman leaving her house, unaware she is being watch by an admirer through binoculars. The stalker follows her to a local café, where he observes her interactions with a friend – disguised by a broadsheet newspaper. Later, the stalker turns vengeful after witnessing her close contact with another man. Infuriated by jealousy, the stalker enters her property with a loaded gun.

Kirsten Desantis has created an acceptable film with the aim to keep the audience on tender hooks. Despite a gripping plot-line, the film fails to excel in characterization and acting delivery. The short is produced with an extremely low production value, highlighted by low quality cinematography and sound. A reasonable first-time/student production. The 9-minute runtime exceeds what is necessary for the narrative and appears strung-out midway through. A few adjustments might just save this thriller.

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Runtime: 9 min

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