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A gripping thriller about an abusive relationship.


Written and directed by Corey Davis, ‘Poison’ is a short drama film that delves into a treacherous abusive relationship. Corey Davis leads the cast as Darnell, an unnerved young man who is under the toxic spell of his authoritarian girlfriend, Donna (Aleasha Burgess). The film explores themes of narcissism, mental health and abuse. A gripping thriller from start to finish.

The 10-minute film opens with a group of male friends hanging out. Darnell sits in agitation, looking at the clock on his phone, where a timed alarm prompts his return home. The film examines his hostile home-life with Donna, where issues of trust, possessiveness and physical violence run riot. The drama shines a rare light on mental and physical abuse towards a male partner. A harrowing watch that some viewers might find unsettling.

Corey Davis has created a remarkable short that doesn’t shy away from examining the ugly face of domestic abuse. His performance as Darnell is highly commendable – delivering an authentic portrayal throughout. Aleasha Burgess’s role as the antagonist is equally praiseworthy. Viewers will be startled by the chilling narrative. Despite being a low-budget production, the film is well-constructed both narratively and visually. Cinematography is of a reasonable standard, with high quality sound and post-production. A riveting short from the get go. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 11 min
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