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The Internal Void of a Damaged Mind

A gripping thriller that delves into a man’s mental health.


Written and directed by Christian Søgaard, ‘The Internal Void of a Damaged Mind’ is an experimental thriller film that delves into a man’s mental health and twisted psychological state. The film stars Lars Berge as the sole character. A gripping, albeit intimidating watch from start to finish.

The 9-minute film is split into four titled chapters; denial, anger, acceptance, and endurance. Throughout each segment, we explore the characters internal conflict – poignantly visualized with metaphorical imagery. During the first chapter (Denial), the man’s disorientation becomes apparent as he wakes up on the floor of a derelict building. This scene is filmed entirely in black and white. Within chapter 2 (Anger), he is transported to an empty childhood bedroom, where his overwhelming mental suffering hijacks his mind – showcased by the disturbing voices in his head. This scene has transitioned into color. Chapter 3 and 4 (Acceptance and Endurance) showcases his psychological imprisonment and partial release.

Christian Søgaard has created a riveting film that allows the audience to interpret the narrative. The short is a visual masterpiece with intimate characterization throughout. Cinematography is of a highly professional standard that captures the tone perfectly. Post-production and sound are equally commendable. Lars Berge delivers a profound performance from the get go – an intimate, albeit disturbing portrayal. A well-structure mental health film. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min

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