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A romantic micro-short with unforeseen savagery.


George Flood-Hunt’s microshort, starring Maxine Jil Hijano and Robin Dylon, takes audiences on an intimate and passionate journey that quickly descends into horrifying and unforeseen territory. With limited dialogue, the film relies on the chemistry between the actors, who deliver commendable performances throughout.

The cinematography captures the energy of the couple’s tryst through intimate close-ups and hand-held shots, adding to the film’s overall tone. The choice of a romantic jazz piece as the background score adds to the seductive atmosphere, abruptly ending with a startling climax that will leave viewers stunned.

In just a short runtime, Flood-Hunt manages to create a captivating tale that keeps audiences engaged until the very end. The abrupt shift from romance to horror showcases the director’s ability to masterfully subvert expectations. The fleeting acting moments are well orchestrated, heightening the impact of the unexpected twist.

While brief, this microshort proves to be a worthwhile watch for horror enthusiasts seeking a unique and surprising experience. Flood-Hunt’s deliberate pacing and effective use of limited dialogue create an atmosphere that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Overall, this microshort delivers a shocking and memorable horror experience that deserves recognition.

Bouffe moi Short Film


Runtime: 2 min
Genre: ,

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