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My Heart is Flying

An uplifting documentary that portraits Ruby Dine.


Directed by Rachel Louise Norwood & Acacia Jade Redding ‘My Heart is Flying’ is a short documentary that portraits Ruby Dine as she recites her poetry. Ruby has Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t limit her zest for life and spirituality. The film explores themes of identity, mental health, disability and friendship. A touching film that highlights Ruby’s infectious tenacity. The documentary is produced in black and white.

Throughout the entire documentary we learn about Ruby’s passions; meditation, swimming, female companionship and her dog Ralph. As she recites her poetry in narration, we witness her life-grasping personality through visual documentation. The audience will be treated to Ruby’s mermaid swimming and her inspiring artistic abilities (painting and creative writing). A captivating watch from start to finish.

Ruby Dine is a remarkable young woman, despite her battles with mental health and disability. The film acts as a tribute to Ruby, with the intention inspire, encourage and vanish stigma. Despite being a low-budget production, the film is beautifully constructed with fine cinematography, editing and music. Ruby’s self-confidence is endearing to witness. ‘My Heart is Flying’ is a documentary that deserves high acclaim and appreciation. Huge praise to the entire production team. An uplifting watch. Highly recommended.

My Heart is Flying Short Film


Runtime: 5 min

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