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Ground Rules for Living with Your Ex

A heartfelt breakup drama with a comical underbelly.


J.W. Cox‘s relationship drama takes a refreshing and relatable approach to the complexities of a breakup. The narrative delves into the crumbling relationship of Maggie (Abigail Esmena) and Tyler (Jared Pettit), providing an honest exploration of the challenges faced when love has faded.

The film follows the aftermath of a disastrous date night that ultimately leads to the end of their once-strong bond. What makes this film stand out is its comedic underbelly, which adds a layer of levity to the otherwise heart-wrenching subject matter. While the story touches upon the hardships of falling out of love and navigating long-term relationship woes, humor keeps the narrative engaging and relatable.

The performances by Esmena and Pettit are nothing short of fantastic. They effortlessly capture the complexities of Maggie and Tyler’s emotions with a delicate blend of humor, endearment, and tragedy. Their chemistry, both in moments of connection and conflict, brings depth and authenticity to their characters.

August Schweitzer’s cinematography beautifully captures the emotional journey of the protagonists, with skillfully orchestrated shots that enhance the storytelling. The poignant soundtrack adds another layer of emotional depth to the film, perfectly complementing the well-crafted visuals.

The drama stands out as a refreshing take on breakups, highlighting the importance of communication amidst the chaos. Cox’s direction and the brilliant performances breathe life into the characters and their struggles, providing audiences with a relatable and heartfelt exploration of love’s complexities.

This is a must-watch that combines humor and poignancy in its portrayal of a breakup. With commendable acting, adept cinematography, and a compelling storyline, this short film leaves a lasting impression and will resonate with many.

Ground Rules for Living with Your Ex


Runtime: 17 min
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