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Our Fathers

A gripping thriller that delves into London teenage knife-crime.


Directed by Max McGee and Tony McGee, from a script by Max McGee, ‘Our Fathers’ is a short thriller that explores the rise of teenage knife-crime in London. The film follows two undercover detectives, George (Max McGee) and Vincent (Malik Kaddu), as they are tasked with hunting down the perpetrators of a recent knife-related fatality. The short delves into themes of fatherhood and friendship. Filmed entirely in black and white, ‘Our Fathers’ is inspired by real events and highlights the root causes of crime amongst teenage boys.

Throughout the first half of the film, George and Vincent, best friends from childhood, discuss the changing landscape and crime-culture of London. As George reveals he is expecting a son, Vincent opens up about his own teenage son, who has falling into a bad crowd – pointing the blame at limited community activities. Their conversation is interrupted by a radio-call of a fatal stabbing, setting the thriller into motion with unexpected results.

Max McGee has created an unflinching narrative that showcases the stark reality of London knife-crime. Max McGee (George) and Malik Kaddu (Vincent) deliver exceptional performances throughout. Despite lengthy dialogue, the conversation between our main characters will keep viewers attentive. Visually, the film is stylishly shot with commendable cinematography of inner-city London. Sound, editing and music of a high standard that aids the tense narrative. A gripping watch from start to finish. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 21 min
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