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Perceptions of Ourselves

A thought-provoking film that tackles political and societal transgressions.


Jamal James and Patrick Gillespie’s thought-provoking experimental short is a poignant exploration of the complexities of our shared humanity, shedding light on the suffering, injustice, and acts of war that pervade our society. Through a masterful combination of poetic narration, voiced by Ben Christopher, and archival footage that spans political, climate, humanitarian, and prejudicial calamities, the film creates an immersive experience that leaves a deep and lasting impact.

The craftsmanship exhibited in this short film is exemplary. Jamal’s harrowing writing delves into the depths of human suffering with unflinching honesty, while the adept post-production work seamlessly weaves together the diverse array of archival footage, effortlessly blending historical events with contemporary issues.

Blending soul-stirring visuals with a profoundly reflective narrative, the film compels viewers to confront uncomfortable political realities and challenges them to consider their own role in shaping a more just, compassionate, and equitable world. It serves as a sobering reminder of the collective responsibility we all bear in addressing the injustices that exist within our society.

Ultimately, James and Gillespie’s short film is a powerful political statement that sparks introspection and compels one to reevaluate their assumptions and perspectives. Through its shocking imagery, the film encourages viewers to sit back and think, igniting a desire for change and a renewed commitment to action.

In its brevity, the film manages to provoke profound contemplation and instil a sense of urgency. It courageously confronts the dark realities that plague our world. The impact of this film is undeniable, making it a captivating and necessary watch for anyone committed to understanding the challenges we face as a global community.



Runtime: 3 min

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