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A surreal dark-comedy centred around work-place politics.


Elena Viklova‘s dark comedy takes us on a twisted journey into the heart of an imposing corporation called StatsOrgaPro, where we meet Seth, played by Isaac Jay, a diligent intern on his final day. From the very beginning, it becomes clear that this workplace is anything but ordinary. While Seth takes his work seriously and harbors ambitions of securing a permanent position, the rest of the employees leisurely idle away their days, seemingly unconcerned by their lack of productivity. This indifference from senior management only adds to the intrigue. Greg Smith co-stars as Intern #2.

As Seth carries his proposals and aspirations, he is thrust into a meeting with the CEO of StatsOrgaPro (Richard Riehle), leaving the audience to wonder if the CEO truly values Seth’s charisma, ambition, and corporate ideas. The narrative unfolds into a riveting and comedic tale, propelled by outlandish characterizations that keep viewers engaged and entertained throughout.

Isaac delivers a delightful and charming performance that garners support from the audience, further fueling their investment in the story. The production design by Masha Lyass and cinematography by Aakash Raj stand out as the true gems of this film, with their commendable craftsmanship setting a peculiar tone and ambience that perfectly complements the narrative.

The acting in this short film is top-notch, effectively bringing the eccentric and captivating characters to life. From start to finish, the unfolding plot keeps viewers on their toes and is best experienced first-hand – without giving too much away.

Viklova’s narrative is a fascinating watch that defies expectations at every turn. With its highly skilled cast, exceptional production design, and captivating storytelling, this short film delivers an unforgettable viewing experience. While it’s difficult to elaborate further without spoiling the plot, rest assured that this is a film that comes highly recommended and is sure to leave a lasting impression on its audience.

Intern Short Film


Runtime: 16 min
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