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A comedy that explores female ageism in Hollywood.


Directed by Traci Hays, from a script by Nicole Stuart, ‘40ish…’ is a short comedy film that explores female ageism within Hollywood. The film tells the story of an aspiring actress, Natalie (Nicole Stuart), and her unwavering determination to secure a role – despite persistent knockbacks. The film delves into themes of aging, female empowerment and diversity. ‘40ish…’ is an outstanding film that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the brutal rejection of the film industry.

The 25-minute short rewards viewers with an abundance of hilarity throughout, albeit at the expense of the protagonist. The audience will equally empathise with her uphill struggle to be noticed and respected. ‘40ish…’ has a wealth of captivating characters that will keep viewers engaged from start to finish. The majority of the film focuses on Natalie’s doomed auditions. Despite being an upstanding performer, her age (45) continues to hold her back.

Nicole Stuart’s performance as Natalie is highly commendable throughout. The narrative (written by Stuart) is second-to-none – offering an insight into the pitfalls of ageist Hollywood. The film concludes with Natalie securing a major role – conveying the rewards of will power and to never give up. With a rich production value and high-quality cinematography, ‘40ish…’ ticks all the right creative boxes. Immensely entertaining. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 25 min

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