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Ships in the Night

A charming dramedy about lockdown and the power of creativity.


Written and directed by Katherine Bourne Taylor, ‘Ships in the Night’ is a short comedic drama film that explores escapism during the COVID-19 pandemic. Katherine Bourne Taylor leads the cast as an isolated young woman who turns to fan-fiction to bring light to her tedious existence in lockdown. Cora Vander Broek co-stars as her disparaging sister. Despite its dramatic narrative, the short is sprinkled with comic-relief throughout. A charming watch from start-to-finish.

The 11-minute film opens with a running news report of the Coronavirus outbreak. Isolated and alone, the young woman spends her day baking, exercising, and chatting with her sister on Zoom. After becoming engrossed in an animated fantasy series, her creative juices flow into the world of fan-fiction – much to her sisters’ discernment. With an avid online following, she begins to pen the first chapter – a love story that brings joy and a purpose to the young woman’s life.

Katherine Bourne Taylor has created an endearing dramady that will bring resonance to audiences. Her narrative highlights the uninspiring lifestyle that held the world captive from March 2020. ‘Ships in the Night’ explores the desire to escape into the world of fiction for solace and comfort. Taylor’s performance is exemplary throughout – a fine comical delivery. Cora Vander Broek’s delivery is equally commendable. Cinematography, music, post-production and sound is of an exceptional standard, despite being shot on an iPhone. A terrific short that will entertain and move the audience. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 11 min
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