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Wise Quacker

A whimsical comedy sketch.


Keshav Sadashiv Sapru’s micro-short film takes on a playful and somewhat whimsical concept centered around a bath duck that supposedly hails from another planet. As the bath duck descends into earth and observes human culture (within the boundaries of Sapru’s work-station), the film invites audiences into a fleeting and slightly comedic narrative. However, it must be acknowledged that the overall production quality of this short falls on the amateurish side, evoking a feeling more akin to a “funny clip” rather than a true cinematic experience.

One of the primary issues with this micro-short lies in the limited scope of its humor, which may struggle to fully capture and hold the audience’s attention. While the premise may initially appear promising, the execution falls short of fully delivering on its potential. Sapru’s voice acting, reminiscent of Daffy or Donald Duck, elicits a brief chuckle but fails to anchor the film with the necessary depth for it to be taken seriously.

In essence, this micro-short film offers a lighthearted diversion, ideal for a momentary source of amusement. However, due to its amateurish production quality and limited comedic appeal, it may not reach the level of engagement or leave a lasting impression that serious viewers may seek.

Wise Quaker Short Film


Runtime: 1 min

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