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End of the US Civil War (1863-1865)

A facetious retelling of the American Civil War.


Joshua Moran and Alexis Moran’s short comedy film offers a satirical take on the American Civil War, kicking off with the Battle of Gettysburg and fictional portrayals of historical figures such as Robert Lee, George Meade, Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Johnson, and Abraham Lincoln. With a comical and simplistic approach, the film aims to provide humor and loosely recounts the war’s historical timeline.

While the intention is clear – to create laughs through a light-hearted portrayal of a serious topic – it is important to note that the execution falls short in some aspects. The acting, unfortunately, does not deliver strong performances, and the homemade/low-quality technicality adds to the overall production value challenge. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the focus here is comedy, and the film caters to a specific audience.

With its action-packed and comical delivery, the film simplifies the complexities of the war, generalizing historical events for comedic effect. This approach may appeal more to a younger audience or those who enjoy light-hearted humor with a historical backdrop. It effectively uses humor to provide a humorous representation of the American Civil War, making it accessible to those seeking entertainment rather than historical accuracy.

Although the film may be a difficult watch for some due to the low production value and uneven acting, it achieves its goal of eliciting laughter and amusement. For viewers who appreciate comedic offerings and are willing to overlook technical limitations, this short film provides an opportunity to view history from a light-hearted perspective.

In conclusion, Joshua Moran and Alexis Moran’s short comedy film offers a satire-driven, comical portrayal of the American Civil War. While it might not be the most technically polished or well-acted production, its intention is clear – to provide humor through a simplistic and action-packed retelling of historical events. This film may have greater appeal for a younger audience or those seeking light-hearted entertainment, embracing comedy over historical accuracy.

US War


Runtime: 14 min

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