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Project Oscar

A home-made sci-fi comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Joshua Moran’s low-budget sci-fi comedy presents a quirky tale centered around a young man, Erik King, who finds himself on the run from a secret military organization after being subject to scientific experimentation that grants him supernatural abilities. Seeking refuge at his friend Steve’s house, played by the versatile Joshua Moran himself, chaos and hilarity ensue as the militants close in on Erik’s location.

Deliberately embracing its low-budget nature, this self-deprecating film leans into its limitations, delivering a humorous, if occasionally cringe-worthy, experience. The humor tends to lean towards childish and may not resonate with all audiences, but for those who appreciate the homemade movie charm, it offers a unique appeal.

The film’s production design, sound, and cinematography clearly reflect its amateur origins, which may hinder overall viewer engagement. However, it’s important to note that the intentional amateurish quality adds to the film’s charm, inviting the audience to play along and enjoy the outlandish story and comedic moments.

While the acting may be weak, it acknowledges its shortcomings and embraces a tongue-in-cheek approach, resulting in comical performances that align with the overall tone of the film.

In the end, this low-budget endeavor showcases Moran’s creativity and determination, proving that one doesn’t need a big budget to create an entertaining piece of cinema. While its flaws may be evident, the film’s commitment to its own brand of humor and its earnestness make it a comical and lighthearted watch for those open to its homemade charm.

Project Oscar Short Film


Runtime: 19 min
Genre: ,

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