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Stealing the Show

A modest sci-fi comedy that pokes fun at itself.


Joshua Moran’s sci-fi comedy is a refreshingly self-deprecating short film that takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride as a young man’s attempt to throw a house-party spirals into a hilariously cataclysmic event of extra-terrestrial proportions. With its frequent soliloquies and fourth-wall breaking moments, the comedic genius of this film lies in its clever utilization of character self-deprecation and intentionally weak production values.

Unapologetically aware of its cheaply made nature, the film embraces its limitations and turns them into comedic assets. This self-aware approach adds a refreshing and unique flavor to the story, allowing the audience to join in on the laughter while fully acknowledging the flaws in the cinematography, sound, and production design.

Despite the amateur qualities in these technical aspects, Moran skillfully navigates through them, using them as catalysts for comedy and cleverly mocking them throughout the film. The end result is a genuinely entertaining experience that keeps viewers engaged and amused from start to finish.

While the acting may be amateur as well, it’s once again turned into a source of humor, injecting additional fun into the overall narrative.

Incorporating pop-culture references along the way, this short film is bound to evoke numerous laughs, inviting audiences to revel in the hilariously absurd journey. In essence, Moran’s sci-fi comedy provides a refreshing and enjoyable escape that highlights the beauty of embracing imperfections and finding humor within them.

Stealing the Show Short Film


Runtime: 34 min
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