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La Vita Semplice

An endearing documentary that delves into passion, love and the simple life.


Lukas Tielke’s short documentary offers a heartfelt glimpse into the lives of Pedro and Flavio, a couple of 30 years who have built their dream countryside home. This film is a captivating love story, showcasing not only their love for each other but also their simplistic lifestyle and the beauty of their home. It is an endearing watch from start to finish.

The cinematography in this documentary is simply breathtaking. Filmed on a classic film ratio, the visuals are jaw-dropping, with every shot being intimate and picturesque. The choice of cinematography perfectly complements the tone of the film, capturing the essence of Pedro and Flavio’s life and surroundings.

The fast-paced post-production enhances the documentary, adding a touch of drama and intrigue. It keeps the audience engaged and eager to learn more about Pedro and Flavio’s story. The editing is seamless, allowing the narrative to flow effortlessly.

Lukas Tielke has created a beautifully made documentary that highlights the beauty in simplicity and the power of love. Pedro and Flavio’s story is truly inspiring, and the film successfully captures their essence, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. It is a testament to the craftsmanship and storytelling ability of the filmmaker.

La Vita Semplice


Runtime: 3 min
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