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An experimental drama that takes an intimate look into sisterhood.


Written and directed by Bella Grace Cordero, ‘Corderas’ is a short experimental drama film that takes an intimate look at the close relationship between two sisters. Based on real life events, the cast consists of Bella Grace Cordero and her real-life sister Olivia Joy Cordero. The two sisters portray a dramatized version of themselves that rewards viewers a fly-on-the-wall narrative about nostalgia and family separation. Filmed partially in English and Spanish, the drama is shot in 35mm film which gifts the audience a rich cinematic experience.

The 10-minute film opens with Bella and Olivia arriving from an undisclosed international trip. The entire film doesn’t follow a clear-cut narrative, which may cause viewer confusion. It does offer glimpses into their personal lives, with small-talk about childhood nostalgia and family life. The audience should expect multiple scenes of uneventful action, which aids the experimental tone. Despite have a shallow narrative, the film is a beautiful watch that feels deeply personal and intimate.

Bella Grace Cordero has created a film that is essentially a dramatized documentary. The use of 35mm filming techniques enhances a traditional cinematic tone, and although gorgeous to look at it, it doesn’t quite help fit the film into a precise genre. Bella and Olivia are endearing to watch from the get go, particularly whilst reminiscing about the past. ‘Corderas’ is a charming film about sisterhood and unconditional love.

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Runtime: 10 min
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