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Under a Bad Moon

A thriller that explores one woman’s act of retribution.


Written and directed by Stephen Franklin Blanton, ‘Under a Bad Moon’ is a short thriller film that explores a woman’s personal deed of justice. Deanna Shaekel leads the cast as Roxanne, a reclusive ex-cop who retreats to the idyllic countryside following the unsolved murder of her partner. The film showcases themes of revenge, retribution and female empowerment. A gripping tale from start to finish.

The 17-minute film opens with Roxanne canoeing on the placid waters that surround her new refuge. The tranquility of nature presents her a sense of peace following her recent anguish. During night fall, upon reflection of past trauma, Roxanne is startled by her barking dog and a nearby gunshot. Instinctively, she fetches her compound bow and progresses to the scene. Upon arrival, she uncovers the deceased and observes the assault of a young woman. The thriller probes our protagonist’s inner turmoil with her fearless acts of retaliation on the perpetrators.

Deanna Shaekel (Roxanne) delivers an impressive performance throughout – a robust delivery that brings empathy and complexity to the character. Cinematography is enhanced by striking natural surroundings and attentive lighting. Stephen Franklin Blaton has created an extraordinary film that poignantly explores the protagonist’s trauma, emotional pain and exigency for retribution. Production value is elevated by the outstanding cinematography – wrapped up with neat editing, music and sound. A chilling watch. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 18 min
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