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An endearing film that explores childhood innocence.


Written and directed by Manoj Bapat, ‘Bugbear’ is a short drama film that explores childhood perplexity, innocence and maternal comfort. Rajveer Borkar stars as a young toddler who is disturbed by his own shadow. Veema Jamkar co-stars as the child’s consoling mother. Set in India, the short is filmed in the Marathi language with English subtitles. ‘Bugbear’ is a visually striking thriller with an endearing narrative throughout.

The 18-minute film opens with the spirited child joyfully interacting with his stay-at-home mother. Their love and bond shines through the entire narrative. As night falls, the child detects a mysterious spectacle that brings instant despair. Only his mother’s presence can alleviate the anguish. Initially bewildered, the mother recognizes that the trepidation is caused by his own shadow. The film concludes with the boy’s fascination with his silhouette and performing hand shadow puppetry.

Manoj Bapat and his cast/crew have created an adorable film that is certain to charm the audience. Child star Rajveer Borkar delivers a blazing performance that will captivate and bring deserved adoration – an extraordinarily gifted talent. High praise to Veema Jamkar, her portrayal as the doting mother is commendable. Cinematography is simply astounding – produced to the highest cinematic quality. Music, editing and color grading wrap up the drama flawlessly. ‘Bugbear’ has an enchanting narrative that will leave a mark with the viewer. Highly recommend.

Bugbear Short Film


Runtime: 18 min
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