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A gripping drama that explores a man’s claims of being an Egyptian pharaoh in a past life.


Directed by Leroy Rogers, from a script by Pawan Sahni, ‘Transgressor’ is a short drama film that explores a man’s recollections of a past life. The film follows a man (Pawan Sahni) who claims to have been a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt. His persistent memories have brought him to a psychoanalyst to bring substance to his belief. Sunil Patel co-stars as the psychotherapist. The narrative takes an unforeseen divergence as we learn more about his early incarnation.

The 9-minute film opens with the psychotherapist examining the man’s phycological state. The man opens up about his daily visions – particularly of the suffering he caused to the Egyptian people. He believes that karma is punishing him for his past impropriety. He recalls the murder of his brother, a ruling Pharaoh of Upper Egypt, of which he takes responsibility for. Without spoiling the concluding narrative, the film switches to the past life of the psychoanalyst. A gripping watch onwards.

Leroy Rogers has created a riveting short that will captivate viewers due to the fanatical narrative. Pawan Sahni and Sunil Patel deliver fine performances from start to finish, albeit disturbing. Visually the film is constructed of outstanding cinematography, particularly the flashback scenes of Ancient Egypt. Production and costume design deserve high praise. Pawan Sahni (Writer/Star) has created a spellbinding plot that will sustain audience engagement. A fine thriller. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min
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