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A romantic comedy that will inflict a lot of belly-laughs.


Directed by Drew Bierut, from a script by Dan Brier, ‘Bob’ is a romantic comedy about a happy-go-lucky singleton and her curious encounter with a man in a SpongeBob costume. The short explores themes of anxiety, social convention and judgment. Emma Pasarow leads the cast as Hannah, with Dillon J Stücky as Bob. Additional cast include; Talia Rose Goodman as Julia, Michael Bonini as Grant, and Hugo Mejia as Daniel. ‘Bob’ is an endearing film that keeps the audience gripped till the closing credits.

The 18-minute comedy opens with Hannah and Julia (sisters) discussing the latter’s dinner party. Unbeknownst to Hannah, the gathering is a mirage to set-up Hannah with Daniel – a respectable colleague of Julia’s husband, Grant. Whilst on her way to Julia’s, Hannah finds herself intimidated by a drunk on the street. Bob, a stranger dressed unashamedly in a SpongeBob costume, comes to Hannah’s salvation – sparking a peculiar connection. Out of gratitude and curiosity, Hannah invites Bob along to the dinner party, much to Julia’s frustration and judgement. Without spoiling the narrative, the film takes the audience through a whole lot of belly-laughs.

Technically, the short excels with a highly professional finish. Cinematography, lighting, sound, editing and music are outstanding – fitting the narrative tone flawlessly. High praise to the entire cast – particularly Emma Pasarow (Hannah), Dillon J Stücky (Bob) and Talia Rose Goodman (Julia). Drew Beirut (Director) and Dan Brier (Writer) have created an original narrative (which is based on a true story) that will surprise, charm and captivate its audience. The idea behind the film follows the metaphorical phrase: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. A masterpiece in short filmmaking. Highly recommended.

Bob Short Film


Runtime: 18 min
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