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Coming Home

A poignant drama about a grief-stricken father.


Written and directed by Jack Hoppe, ‘Coming Home’ is a short drama film that tells the story of a grief-stricken father who battles with hope and letting-go after the disappearance of his daughter. The narrative is told through the friendship between the father and the detective, who is investigating the location of the remains. A poignant drama that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the despair of grief. Billy St. John leads the cast as Jack, with Chuck Martens as Luke.

The 20-minute film opens 10 years after Angela’s disappearance. A search is underway, accompanied by the convicted, to find the human remains. Jack (Angela’s father) is paid a visit by local police detective, Luke. Their friendship is quietly strained by Jack’s unwillingness to move on and Luke’s lack of discovery. After a necklace is found at a suspected sight, Luke goes out of his way to give Jack the closure he needs.

Jack Hoppe has created a heart-breaking narrative that takes an unflinching look at bereavement, loneliness, and hopelessness. Billy St. John delivers a strong performance as the bereft father – portraying a delicate man who is stuck in the past. The audience will be captivated by Chuck Martens (Luke), a fine actor who delivers the role with sincerity from the get go. Cinematography, sound and post-production is of a professional standard – expect a high-quality finish. A riveting watch, albeit filled with melancholy. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 20 min

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