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A touching drama about loss, dance and brotherhood.


Written and directed by Michael Basha, ‘Crutch-Tap’ is drama film that poignantly explores a man’s passion for tap dancing. Chas Harvey delivers a blazing performance as the sole character (Chas) – a young man rediscovering his dream after the death of his beloved brother. The film showcases themes of loss and grief, but doesn’t shy away from humor and buoyancy. ‘Crutch-Tap’ is a film about resilience, honor and fulling lost dreams.

The 7-minute film opens with Chas (in voice-over) reminiscing about childhood with his late brother Solomon. After glimpses of home video footage, we learn about their shared passion for tap-dancing – with aspirations to be the next Nicholas Brothers or The Three Stooges. Solomon tragically died, leaving Chas bereft and uninspired to tap dance solo. An epiphany dream inspires him to tap into performing again, but not entire alone – Chas connects Solomon’s home-made tap shoes to a pair of crutches.

Michael Basha (Writer/Director) has delivered an extraordinary short film. The touching narrative, combined with spectacularly cinematography by Bash Achkar, helps to maintain audience engagement throughout. Chas Harvey’s captivating performance and narration deserves high praise – an entertaining watch from start to finish. Editing, lighting, music and sound are of equal merit. Highly Recommended.

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Runtime: 8 min
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