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A ride of suspense into the paranormal.


In Arsenio J. Alvarez III’s short horror film ‘Whispers’ viewers are taken on a journey into the paranormal. The story centers around Abbigail, portrayed by Nadia Borelli, who finds herself grappling with heart-break after attending a surprise engagement party. As she makes her way home, a sense of trepidation hangs in the air, leading to unsettling revelations once she arrives.

Despite its low-budget nature, the film boasts neatly crafted cinematography by Logan Emerson. The visuals effectively contribute to the eerie atmosphere, generating tension and keeping viewers engaged. Emerson’s skill in capturing the right shots adds depth to the storytelling, adding to the overall quality of the production.

The acting performances are equally commendable. Borelli portrays Abbigail with convincing emotions, capturing the character’s fear and anxiety. The supporting actors also deliver solid performances, adding to the overall believability of the narrative.

However, the film suffers in terms of its narrative execution. While Abbigail’s heartbreak is set up as a central element to the story, it fails to be fully explored, leaving viewers wanting more depth and emotional connection. The ending, while intended to be mysterious, doesn’t provide enough closure, leaving some loose ends.

Despite these issues, ‘Whispers’ still manages to deliver a decent horror experience. The technical elements, such as cinematography and acting, contribute to the film’s effectiveness in providing chills and scares. Although the narrative may leave viewers with unanswered questions, the film does succeed in creating an unsettling atmosphere and keeping viewers engaged throughout.

Whispers Short Horror Film


Runtime: 7 min
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