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A fantasy/experimental puppetry film.


Written and directed by Abraham Matias, ‘Folklore’ is an experimental fantasy film that makes use of visual puppetry to conveys its narrative. Alejandro Montayo provides narration throughout, treating viewers to his music and poetic lyrics. The narrative takes inspiration from Scandinavian folktales. A beautifully constructed film that will enchant its audience.

The 3-minute film opens in the woods, where we are introduced to Abraham’s skillful craft of puppetry. The overall narrative may appear perplexing, but the beauty is in the intriguing artistry. A variety of characters, mainly wildlife, appear throughout, and are meticulously designed and choreographed. The haunting theme will certainly engross the viewer.

Abraham’s artistic talent is mesmerising from the get go – high praise is due. Despite a weak overall narrative, the film is strong enough to keep watching and appreciate. Alejandro Montayo’s vocal ability and poetic lyrics are equally commendable. Production design is simply flawless. ‘Folklore’ is best appreciated by fans of experimental cinema and creative artistry. A mainstream audience may lose gratification. The film would be enhanced by character dialogue to help convey the mystifying plot. Unfortunately, the voice-over narration is a struggle to comprehend, particularly as it transitions into song. Abraham Matias is a promising artist and we look forward to seeing more creative visions.

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Runtime: 4 min

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