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Stormtroopers: Siege

A burst of elation for any ‘Star Wars’ enthusiasts.


In Michael Fitzgerald’s captivating followup to ‘Stormtroopers‘ co-written by Fitzgerald and William Bean, the audience is treated to a breath-taking burst of fresh imagination. Set in the beloved Star Wars universe, this short film follows the Stormtroopers, delivering a tense and war-filled narrative that fans of the franchise will undoubtedly delight in.

As with the first film, the standout aspects of this production is the impeccable visual effects, which beautifully enhance the storytelling and transport viewers to this familiar yet wondrous realm. However, it’s the remarkable cinematography by Billy Cummings that truly steals the show. His masterful lens effortlessly captures the raw beauty of the fictional Earth-like planet, Riajhack, utilizing the stunning landscapes of Ireland as a backdrop.

As for the characters, they are both engaging and well-developed, each possessing their distinct personalities that add depth and dimension to the story. The energy pulsates through every scene, driving the plot forward and leaving the audience spellbound throughout the entire runtime.

All in all, Fitzgerald and Bean, along with the talented team behind this short film, have outdone themselves. With its riveting and enchanting narrative, it’s no wonder why sci-fi fans are gushing with adoration for this second installment. One can only hope that more episodes will follow, as this creative vision presents an extraordinary addition to the Star Wars universe. In short, ‘Startroopers: Siege’ delivers brilliance in every frame and is an essential watch for both fans of the franchise and lovers of the sci-fi genre alike.



Runtime: 24 min
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