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Hangover Food: Vampire Influencer

A side-splitting horror that delves into friendship and online notoriety.


‘Hangover Food: Vampire Influencer’ is a 5-episode mini-series that takes viewers on a hilarious and thrilling journey into the lives of Bruce and Lee, two friends navigating the unexplored territory of vampirism. With direction by Ross McGowan and a clever script by Craig McDonald-Kelly, this mini-series encapsulates the perfect blend of comedy and horror.

One of the standout elements of this web-based series is the exceptional acting chemistry between Bruce, played brilliantly by McDonald-Kelly, and Lee, portrayed by the talented David Hepburn. The duo’s dynamic banter and Scottish humor truly shines, leaving the audience laughing out loud throughout the series.

Throughout the series, the duo navigate the rollercoaster of internet fame. It’s an intriguing exploration of the opportunities and pressures that come with developing a social media presence. This social media aspect adds a layer of realism to the narrative, bringing the characters’ experiences into the modern digital age. Audiences can relate to the familiar experiences of online content creation and the challenges of finding a unique voice in a saturated market.

Beyond the stellar performances, the production value is top-notch. Guido Cavaciuti’s cinematography captures the essence of each scene, while the post-production work, sound, and special effects contribute to the overall atmosphere of the show.

The series also delves into the deeper themes of friendship and insecurity, creating emotional moments that will resonate with the audience. It’s a testament to the talented writing and storytelling that the show can seamlessly balance humor and heart.

‘Hangover Food: Vampire Influencer’ will leave viewers craving more, eagerly anticipating the release of the feature length film – which is currently in development. With its exceptional wit, entertaining storyline, and impressive production design, this vampire-themed web series is a true gem in the world of online content.

Watch all episodes on Klipist.

Hangover Food Vampire Influencer


Runtime: 28 min
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