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Don’t Try This Alone

A comedy that delves into the challenges of quitting smoking.


Artii Smith’s short comedy film offers a delightful exploration of the challenges involved in kicking the habit of smoking. The narrative revolves around Benjamin and Kevin, a father and son portrayed by Nobuaki Shimamoto and Ryan Keem, who find themselves compelled to give up their addiction under the influence of Jennifer (wife/mother), played by the talented Ramona DuBarry.

As the story unfolds, we witness their rollercoaster journey of struggles, going to great lengths to sneak in smoking sessions and avoid getting caught. Driving their life-change forward, Jane Peters’ character, Karen, plays a pivotal role that adds a spark to their transformation.

The standout element of this film is the impeccable chemistry between Shimamoto and Keem; their on-screen dynamic brings their characters to life, injecting wit and humor into every scene. The snappy and funny dialogue further heightens the comedic appeal and keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Visually, the film shines through Connor Bodell’s expert cinematography. With keen attention to framing and technical finesse, Bodell embellishes each shot, elevating the storytelling experience. The overall result is a visually pleasing treat that enhances the narrative’s impact.

Comedy enthusiasts will find much to enjoy in this delightful short film experience, where stellar performances, clever writing, and skillful cinematography converge to deliver an entertaining and memorable piece of cinema.

Dont Try This Alone


Runtime: 28 min

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